Maple Butcher Block 12"x18"x1 1/4"

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Maple Butcher Block 12"x18"x1 1/4"

Large comfortable work service with extra size for demanding tasks. This full size board is ready to handle chopping, slicing and carving with ease. Easy to clean and dry with warm soapy water and a towel.

Made in the USA

Naturally anti-microbal

Won't dull knives

Resistant to warping


Our boards are finished with an eco friendly blend of mineral oils and enhanced with vitamin E in order to maintain the boards luster and sheen. The virgin mineral oils have no contact with nuts, gluten or other potentially allergenic materials during production. Our boards are free of any dyes, pollutants and artificial colors or additives that may be harmful if consumed.

Our boards have no harmful odors or adhesives and are pressed with sustainably grown maple. Plastic boards will dull knives and fray leaving shavings of plastic in your food and your food will constantly come in contact with manmade plastics. Metal and glass boards easily dull knives and can become slippery to work with when wet which is why Maple is the clear choice for your cutting surface.